Puppy Bootcamp

At Sterling Brook Doodles we have a certified behaviorist on staff 24/7 and we offer training in conjunction with your purchase (boot camp) but there are some simple rules that whether you decide to do the boot camp training or not will make a huge difference in your’s and your doodles relationship.  We subscribe to both the alpha dog training and to positive reinforcement training as sometimes it takes a little of both to have a well behaved dog. ** Boot Camp is closed all winter January1st-April 1st. This year will be a little different because we are expecting our 5th baby, the spring session is on hold.


Crate Training is the majority of what we introduce at boot camp.  For a new puppy it can be a difficult transition from being with their litter mates to being alone with a new family, so we help them take the first steps into becoming a house trained member of your family.  The crate is where the puppy will sleep, as well as is their own place they can go to when they feel stressed, kind of a happy place for pups.  It is never to be used as a punishment and not meant to house them for more than sleeping or an hour or two at most.  The reason a crate is so effective with housebreaking is that a dog will try and avoid relieving themselves anywhere that they sleep, so they are taught naturally that the crate isn’t to be relieved in. We then try to incorporate a schedule that will mimic what the puppy will have at their new home in terms of when they go outside, eat, sleep and wake.  They are also taught their names and introduced to the “potty bells” (bells that are rung when they are brought out to potty).  Boot camp duration is 1-2 weeks and “potty bells” and a 30 inch” crate are included in the cost of $650 for 1 week, $1200.00 for 2 weeks. Boot Camp payments are due at pick up, puppy payments are due in full at 8 weeks on Gotcha Day. (Reminder we can only book 2 puppies per litter, plan accordingly we do book up early.)

What's Included

  • Your  training crate & divider 30 inch

  • Potty training bells

  • Next vaccine if needed

  • Next deworming

  • Bully stick or cow hoove for chewing

  • Training collar martingale & leash  

  • Our training manual

  • The paperback, How To Raise The Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond

  • Breeder & trainer support

General Tips for Dog Training


There are certain innate rules that dogs follow in packs and from their descendants (wolves) that govern behavior in the human/dog relationship.  in a pack there usually is an alpha male and female which all the rest of the pack follows.  In your home YOU need to be alpha in order to maintain a healthy environment for you and your family. If you are not alpha, your dog will become alpha and dominate your household. Here are a few rules to follow to make certain you maintain alpha status in your home:

  • Earn respect of your dog, don’t force it.  Never yell, hit, or spank but make sure you handle any challenge to your alpha status immediately but removing your dog from the situation and ignoring the

  • Enter rooms first

  • Win Tug of wars (always)

  • Never move out of the way of the dog, they should move out of the way of you

  • Never let a dog sleep in the prime spots (your bed)

  • You eat first

  • When entering your house, do your business first before acknowledging them


This method of training uses a dog’s motivation as it’s primary method of getting a dog to behave. For most dogs this is the food drive but for others like the dog’s bred for hunting their play/prey drive can be just as effective as treats. Finding a dog’s motivation is key to teaching obedience. Once you know what drives your dog consistency and patience are the most important aspects for you as their trainer.  Remember training is a lifelong commitment and not something that can be taught once and never revisited.


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