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A Little About Holly And John Deffley

Sterling Brook Doodles owner and breeder, Holly Deffley, is a full time, stay-at-home mom of 5 boys and a puppy mom, trainer and groomer and her husband John is an RN, and certified canine behaviorist. John is also in school full time finishing up with his APRN. He owns Sterling Puparatory Academy. This environment permits constant, positive monitoring of your growing puppy.


An experienced, responsible Breeder, Sterling Brook Doodles has been in operation for over fifteen years.

The dogs are socialized from birth in a family atmosphere with our five boys on the family farm surrounded by chickens, ducks, and goats. We are a very active family always outdoors hiking and trail running with our dogs. John is an active marathon runner and the dogs love training with him. Our dogs also swim daily in our pond and brooks. It is a lonely night if there aren’t more than two or three of my dogs in our bed. I have dedicated the past fifteen years to making my dogs of the highest standards of health, temperament, and stature. We provide all owners with health guarantee, and vaccination worming records. All Pups are sold as pets and not for breeding, a spay/neuter contract must be signed sating that the puppy will be spayed/neutered by 6/7 months of age. My mission is to provide each puppy a happy, loving home and to give each owner a family member that will bring love to their household for many years.


When you are ready to add a Doodle puppy to your family we would ask that you text or call us directly, and share with us information about yourself and your family, your lifestyle and activity level, and things that you like to do as a family. We would like to hear about your previous pet history, and what you are looking for in the addition of a puppy to your family.  We prefer to be personally involved with our families and get to know each of you. 

More Pictures of Our Welcoming Home

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