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The ALEVIN system is composed of several tools, such as a Pajek-compatible input file parser, a benchmark generator, three sets of well-known benchmark graphs, a network comparison tool, and high quality performance reports. All of these tools run in the Java programming environment.ALEVIN implements a spectrum of scenarios to investigate the performance of a given algorithm, for example, comparing the efficiency and the robustness of a new graph embedding approach with respect to the problem instance and to the result class. It allows testing scenarios for parameters which are not explicitly available in the input data. For example, if a graph is provided which has some weight attributes, it is not trivial to test whether the mapping function behaves similarly on different weight attributes.Project Home-Page: Other independent projects that use the Algorithms for Embedding of Virtual Networks framework:Undirected Network Visualization (UNV) is a framework for simulating the flow of information in a generic graph by providing graph operators and visualization algorithms. UNV is originally based on concepts from Visual Categorical Model (VC2), but uses a general graph-theoretic representation, along with a novel algorithm, to provide a visually-intuitive representation of graph information. In practice, UNV allows an easy way to simulate visual patterns that are typical of various problems in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and social sciences.The unique algorithm allows rapid simulation (often a few minutes or less), and these simulations can be used for a variety of purposes, including academic study, visualization, and animation.UniGraph is a graph data structure for data storage and manipulation, inspired by the Node-Edge-Attribute format of the Internet.It provides a flexible graph data structure that supports the following four main tasks:- Indexing and search of nodes and edges- Indexing and search of attributes associated with nodes and edges- Removal of nodes, edges, and attributes from the graph- Visualisation and rotation of graphs and edges within graphsIt supports two types of operations: Iterative (iterative, i.e. not guaranteed to complete) and tree-based (tree-based, i.e. guaranteed to eventually result in a tree). The tree-based operations have a running time in the order of amortised O(1).Fisheye is a Python package for exploring similarity in 08929e5ed8

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