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 Goldendoodles, Aussie Doodles, Mini Bernedoodles & Bernedoodles
Feeding Instructions 

Start your puppy with 1/3-1/2 a cup dry food each feeding. We are feeding at 7am and 5pm. We are feeding Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream Puppy, we order from If your puppy eats it all and is looking for more all move up to 1/4 a cup each feeding. Continue to gradually go up on their food amount. At three months they should be eating 1 cup each feeding. Give fresh water through the day start out with 4oz every 3-4 hours. Gradually go up as they get older. By eight months of age you will be able to let you puppy graze as they wish with both food and water. if puppy is not eating have a can of puppy wet food to mix in with dry food.



I understand that each family is looking for something special and different in a puppy. I plan my litters in advance by talking to each family with their goals in mind. Once I know what you are looking for in a puppy, I can give you information on which puppy might suit your needs.
As a breeder I spend a lot of time with the puppies getting to know their personality. Individual puppies will react differently one day to the next, testing is a valuable tool. Puppy temperament testing helps me choose the best  

puppy for the your family.

Visitor Policy

Sterling Brook Doodles is dedicated to raising the healthiest  puppy possible for your family. For this reason, we have necessary policies in place for visitors.  Parvo is an opportunistic and fatal disease that can infect a puppy in a matter of 24 hours. It is shed by infected dogs and can live for months on hard surfaces and grass. It is not a disease that affects humans therefore it would be difficult to know whether a member of our visiting families was a carrier. There are also many other virus that are very dangerous to our mommas and babies. This is simply a risk we will not take with your puppy-to-be. 

For this reason we will not allow any visitors who do not have vested interest in the litter. Also puppies need to be vaccinated and health certified prior. We extend visitation privileges  to families who are picking up their puppy on Gotcha Day. Thank you for your understanding. 


"Gotcha Day" and What to Bring

​We keep our puppies for 8 -9 weeks so that the puppy will have their first vaccinations and a good healthy mentality to be the perfect family pet, leaving the litter and mom to early does not give your puppy stability and sound thinking. On Gotcha Day all families will have an appointment to come meet the mom (and sometimes dad.) We will also go over all paperwork, and medical records. I will give each family their time slot a week prior. Please be on time, not early or late. everyone has a specific appointment. 

​I always say to bring a puppy blanket, paper towels, and something to put the puppy in, a basket etc. They usually want to be held so a crate is not necessary unless traveling alone. If you are planning to make a stop make sure you bring your leash and harness. Do not worry about food, treats or water until you get home.

Bringing Your Puppy Home


  • Create mat, bed (size you would like)
  • Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream Puppy formula
  • Dog crate possibly 2
  • Puppy gate
  • x-pen, possibly 2 (one for inside and outside)
  • Nu Vet Vitamins ( I will give samples and information to order on Gotcha day)
  • Puppy treats (Wellness well bites)
  • Water and Food Dishes 
  • Steel Comb & brush
  • Puppy blankets and towels
  • Collar (I provide)
  • Name tag
  • leash
  • harness size small
  • Nail Clippers & Quik Stop
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Linoleum to protect flooring
  • Poo scooper
  • Don’t forget to find a fantastic Vet and an experienced groomer
  • Lots of Love and Patience!!

Crates give a pup their own space and assist in house training.  I recommend a wire suitcase style crate that folds down quickly, great for hotels and visiting relatives.
Feed your puppy 2 times a day. Start with 1/3 cup of food, leave food down for 20 minutes only.  A routine feeding schedule will assist house training. If puppy eats all of the food give him a bit more the next feeding.  If he doesn’t eat it all, give him less next feeding.
No water after 7 p.m. will help puppy make it through the night.
Make puppy sit for treats. Soft treats are delicious treats to assist early training. Use sparingly at first.
It doesn’t take long to run the brush through the puppy. It is good practice to make him stay still for longer and longer periods.  Puppy should be brushed  once a week. Check for mats by combing through after brushing.
Nails grow quickly and need to be trimmed every three weeks or so.  Just clip to the quick.  If you clip too short the nail will bleed.  Apply some powdered quick stop to stop the bleeding.  Play foot games with your pup to get them used to having their feet touched. So helpful for when he goes to the groomers.
There are several good shampoos on the market.  You will also want to use a conditioner to reduce mats I recommend Tropiclean products.  Always brush dog before bathing.

Recommended Reading


The Dogs Mind

By  Bruce Fogle


Our Process



Mini Multi-Generation Golden Doodles 30-45 pounds $2400

F1B & F2 Goldendoodles 30-45 pounds $2400


F1 Aussie Doodles medium 30-45 pounds $1800-$2400 (depening on color rarity)

Black & White Bi color  Standard/Med Bernedoodles 35-65 pounds  $2800-3000

Sable Bernedoodles $3500-$4000 (depending on markings)

Tri color Bernedoodles $3500-$4000 (depending on markings)

Golden Mountain Doodles Blk & Wht Color $2800 -3000

 Chocolate & White, red/Apricot $3000 Phantom or tri color $3500-4000


  • 1 year health guarantee

  • Vet certified health certification and puppy health records

  • UTD vaccinations and dewormings

  • Microchipped​

  • Puppy collar

  • Puppy toy with litter sent

  • sample of NuVet Vitamins

  • breeder support

We reserve the right to withhold up to two puppies for our breeding program. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy when circumstances indicate it is not in the best interest of the puppy.

Our puppies are all health checked before they go home for worms, coccidia, and giardia. Even though we test, we ask that you also have your pup tested as soon as you can make your first vet appointment. Some of these things are not always in every poop.​ 

Once your application has been approved you can then place your deposit. Deposits are $500.00. A deposit is required to reserve a pup.  Deposits and balances can be paid by cash, Venmo, Bank of America Mobil transfer. Checks are no accepted on Gotcha day. Deposits are non refundable NO EXCEPTIONS, however you may switch to another litter within 1 year of your received deposit.  If you switch gender or to another litter you would start over in line. If you have deposited for a pup and for whatever reason you change your mind after the puppy is 5 weeks of age your deposit is no longer transferrable. 

We post, or send pictures of our litters at birth, three weeks of age, five weeks, and seven and a half weeks at their health certification visit at the vets office. Then it is Gotcha Day. Puppies are chosen in the order received in person on Gotcha day. If you are unable to pick your puppy on gotcha day, i do allow a 2 day grace period anything longer we can offer boarding for an extra $25.00 per day.

Puppy boot camp is also available for an additional cost of $475.00 per week. Puppy Boot Camp does include a training crate and other training materials. Call me with any questions.

What's Included With Your Puppy?