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Sterling Brook Virtual training program

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The first few weeks your new puppy will spend at your home sets the tone for a lifelong relationship with your pet. We wanted to offer our perspective on how to prepare for this period, what you can expect from your pup for the first few weeks, and give some guidance on best practices for training and socializing healthily. There are many philosophies for training, socializing, and interacting during this period and ours is a combination and simplification of tools learned in my certification and studying of trainers such as Ceasar Milan, Patricia McConnell, and Mike Ritland. We firmly believe that this is your dog and you should train them according to your priorities and not what someone else believes you should be. For this reason its very important to know what your priorities are so we can focus training specifically for your needs and your schedule.

Packages and all other information is listed on the Virtual Training page

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